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Weather in Pentwater, MI


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Are you an artist or craftsperson?  You’ll be right at home in Pentwater Michigan with our galleries, Artisan Center, Arts and Craft shows, our regular gallery strolls, and multiple events that celebrate local artists and craftspeople.  Paint, sculpt, weave, slump glass, create stained glass windows, create heirloom furniture for your family, make a basket for that special occasion or person.  Create a metal sculpture, throw pottery, turn bowls or restore an antique.  Whatever your art or craft, there’s a place for it, an opportunity to learn it, and people you can mentor or classes you can teach.  We’re a very diverse community with a lot of expertise.

Pentwater Michigan is an incredible place of beauty.  It is not suprising to have so much local talent inspired by the shoreline.  Whether one is a painter, sculptor, photographer, works with wood or metal, jeweler, gardener or other craftmanship, he or she may find inspirartion in the spectacular sunsets, winter white wonderland, blooming flowers, or the gorgeous foliage in the fall.  All these local clubs, establishments, art & craft shows, individuals and more, contribute to the splendor of the region.  


Artisan Center
Pentwater Arts Council
The Garden Club
Arts & Antiques


Pentwater Artisan Center                                                       Pentwater Fine Arts & Crafts Fair

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