Diversified Farm – Wholesale Cut Christmas Trees, Asparagus, Pumpkins and other fruits and vegetables.

Slocum Farms is one of the largest growing Christmas tree and agricultural farms in the Midwest. Along with growing a vast variety of Christmas Trees, Slocum Farms produces pumpkins, asparagus, and ball and burlap trees. The founding company Slocum Brothers Tree Farm, which birthed Slocum Farms was introduced by Ted & Jerry Slocum in 1952.

In the early 1950’s, Jerry and Ted Slocum started their venture into Christmas trees at the suggestion of a FFA teacher. The two brothers, still in high school, invested $600.00 to plant an 80 acre plot in Hart, Michigan. Their tree farm spread across 3000 acres in Oceana county near the eastern shoreline of Lake Michigan. With over three million trees in the ground, Slocum Brothers Tree Farm ranked in the top ten producers of Christmas tree growers in the nation.

Future of Slocum Farms:
Embarking on a new frontier in the world of farming Slocum Farms will carry on Ted and Jerry’s long lasting tradition to bring quality and excellence to every crop that is produced out of Slocum Farms.

With the introduction of new crops and soil research Slocum Farms is excited and driven to carry on the family business.

PO Box 152, Hart, Michigan 49420

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