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Farmers Market Guidelines

Pentwater Farmers Market Guidelines
The Farmers Market is managed by the Pentwater Chamber of Commerce. The market will be held rain or shine. The days for the market will be Mondays and Thursdays from 10 AM to 1PM, beginning June 5th and running through September 4th. The market will be held on the Village Green.

Vendors are responsible for setting up their display in an attractive and appealing style, as well as responsible for leaving their space clean at the end of the day. Vendors will need to work with the Village of Pentwater to preserve
the grass and not damage the sprinkler heads. Vendors will be ready for the public by 9:45 am. Set up may begin one hour previous. No trucks will be allowed to cross the Village Green after said starting time. Vendors must be
clear of the area 1 hour after closing time. Vendors are responsible for their own set up of table, tent, etc. Booth location will be at the discretion of the market manager. Vendors should display a sign with their name and place of business. Any product not grown or made by the vendor must be labeled as such with name of said producer.

Saleable goods may include, but not limited to, fresh grown fruits, vegetables, flowers, plants, eggs, cheeses, meats, fish, baked goods, honey, spices, potpourri, jams, jellies and honey and must meet the following requirements. All
items should be vendor grown, processed or handmade. NO FOOD CAN BE PROCESSED ON SITE. Freshly baked goods should be prepared by a baker who is a home baker or small regional baker. No manufactured or craft items may be sold unless they directly relate to market items such as jelly or market baskets. Soaps, lotions, oils, etc. shall not be considered crafts as long as most ingredients are supplied locally or regionally by farmers. Along with this goal is the aim to meet expectations of the customers with the appropriate mix of products suitable for the PFM. Producer only product exceptions will be considered on a limited basis in order to maintain the original intent and spirit of the PFM, while addressing vendor needs and creating a more diverse customer pleasing market.

Any baked good items not individually wrapped must be in a closed container, using tongs or rubber gloves for sale and removal. Eggs may not be sold in another’s business carton without a label stating the name of the farm raising the eggs. When required the Department of Agriculture license must be included with the application.

The Pentwater Farmers Market will not set prices, but vendors are asked to remember that the market is a retail market and not a wholesale market. Prices should be within reason of other vendors and clearly marked. The market committee reserves the right to remove any unsuitable product prior to or during a market day. The market committee reserves the right to reject a vendor application if the produce, goods, or food items are not compatible with the overall concept of the Market, or the product mix currently offered at the market. The market committee may deny a vendor the privilege of selling at the Market on any given Market day with misrepresentation of products, poor quality of products or produce, nonpayment of fees, failure to comply with a direction of the market committee, disrupting the operation of the Market, or any other violation of the General Rules and Regulations of
Pentwater Farmers Market.

The cost of each 10 by 10 space is $100 due by May 15th, after that date the cost will increase to $125 for the season, whether you come one or both days. No spikes will be used on the village green. Weights may be used to secure tents. All supplies, boxes, baskets, etc shall be confined within their designated booth space and not infringe on neighboring vendors. Vendors from the 2016 market year have until September 22nd before applications and payment are accepted by new vendors.

Eligible Wine Vendors (Maximum of 3 Vendors) must:
A. Complete and be in compliance to the Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC) Application for Farmers Market Permit (https:// www.michigan.gov/documents/lara/ LCC-3020_Farmers_Market_Permit_Application_08-13_43269 9_7.pdf) 
B. Tastings and sales shall be limited to an exclusive area that is well-defined and clearly marked and under the control of the permit holder. This perimeter must be approved by the Market Manager before the vendor attends market.
C. Wineries will check photo identification of customers sampling or purchasing wine and will not serve wine to anyone under the age of 21 years old, in accordance with federal law.
D. Wineries must be in compliance with the Village of Pentwater’s regulation to having signage “All other alcohol consumption prohibited on the Village Green”.