Living the Dream in Pentwater

The term ‘Living the Dream’ perfectly describes Jilly, a local artist and owner of Jilly’s Gallery, a studio art gallery located in the northern town of Pentwater Michigan. On the corner of 5th and Hancock, this shop is filled with one-of-a-kind pieces of art, fused glass, dichroic jewelry, and a contagious level of energy.

Jilly delights in sharing her talent with those that venture into her shop. It is not rare to see her grab a piece of clay and begin twisting and pinching it into a whimsical animal as she shares her inspirational journey as a full time artist.

If seeing is not believing, a look around the shop will do the trick. Each porcelain clay piece is handmade and goes through a process of sculpting, drying, firing, and multi-layer staining making each piece an original. From a photo, Jilly can sculpt your pet or child as an ornament or desk piece with hinged arms and legs for versatility. These 3-D caricatures make for the perfect gift.

Jilly’s Gallery really has something for everyone. One of Jilly’s more recent outlets for creativity is through fusing stain glass. Throughout the shop, striking sun catchers, inspirational words, and multi-layered bowls reflect the rays of the warm Pentwater sun. Jilly even incorporates accents of Lake Michigan dune sand into keepsakes, frames, and pendants, a perfect way to bring home or give a piece of Pentwater.

Jilly has close memories of sculpting ducks with her moms pie dough when she was a small child. Pie dough turned into a love for art as she went on to graduate from Kendall College of Art and Design. Showing her work in juried art shows throughout Michigan and Florida contributes to the versatility and evolution of her work.

Jilly has always said, “we are all born with a talent and when you can share it with others it truly becomes a gift.” Jilly is looking forward to welcoming guests into Jilly’s Gallery and sharing her talents with Pentwater. With over twenty-one years as a professional artist, this shop will allow Jilly to live her Pentwater dream.

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478 S Hancock St
Pentwater, MI 49449 USA

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