324 S Hancock St, Pentwater, MI 49449

Work From Home

Working from home = Better work life balance

Do you enjoy quiet focused time, or the ability to have a more flexible schedule? Then working from home may be a good choice. Many businesses are now supporting working from home or remote workers. Outside of working for someone else, industries/businesses that support home offices are Stock Brokers, Financial Advisers, Consultants, Programmers, etc. 

Disadvantages of remote work include less face time with co-workers. If you are not a fan of the phone or web conferencing then it also may not work for you. A flexible schedule also may mean that you can work even longer hours, unless you manage it well.

What makes Pentwater Michigan a great work from home place? High Speed internet, great cell service, and a very stable electrical system allows for staying in touch all the time. For getting “out of the office “ – Pentwater offers a great walking area so you can stroll before, during or after work and zen a little before digging back in. During the summer there are lots of folks to interact with, and during the winter it is a nice quiet place to work. Virtually no sirens. traffic noise, etc.

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